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Calendula Flower: External uses for poorly healing wounds. Promotes wound healing. Anti-inflammatory actions in topical applications have been reported. 

Comfrey Herb and Leaf: External use only, anti-inflammatory actions. Application only on intact skin. Uses: External, Bruises, sprains, pulled muscles and ligaments. Contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids that can cause liver damage if used internally.

German Chamomile: Digestive aid, reduces gastrointestinal spasms, especially helpful in horses that are having recurrent digestive problems. Calming effects, anti-inflammatory actions, one of the best all around herbs.

Celery Roots, Herb and Seed: Celery can contain large amounts of phototoxic furanocoumarin. Animal experiments showed indications of diuretic action. 

St Johns Wort: Photosensitization and or phototoxic for grazing animals. 

White Willow Bark: Used for arthritis, chronic joint pain, sore muscles, anti-inflammatory actions.  

Ginger: Warming herb promotes digestive enzyme activity. Stimulates circulation. Studies showing use for arthritis, anti-inflammatory agent. 

Valerian Root: Calming and digestive actions. Helps relieve muscle tension. 

Hops: Calming and digestive actions. 

Echinacea: Boosts immune system, fights bacterial and viral infections. Builds resistance to infections in the respiratory tract and aids in drainage of the respiratory tract. Some research showing anti-inflammatory actions. Helps urinary track. Contains flavonoids, especially rutin, which strengthens blood vessels and helps circulatory problems.

Dandelion Root: Tonic,system cleanser,high nutritional value, and digestive aid. Urinary track cleanser. Cleanses liver, kidneys and blood. Contains high amounts of potassium, counteracting the loss of potassium, during its diuretic action. 

Rose Hips: High nutritional value, bioflavonoids, helps connective tissue. 10 grams about (1/3oz)contains 80mg calcium, 82mg potassium, 25mg phosphorus, 13mg magnesium, 700IU’s of Vitamin A, 74mg of Vitamin C, 420mgs sodium, B Vitamins, traces of iron,zinc,selenium,protein,fiber,fat,silicon,cobalt,chromium.

Vitex-Chaste tree berries: Effective hormone balancing herb, helps stimulate the production of progesterone. This is usually the hormone that is out of balance in comparison to estrogen production. Animal experiments showing evidence of a dopaminergic effect. Not for use during pregnancy or nursing.

Cleavers: Tonic, aids in lymph drainage for respiratory problems. Used both internally and externally, is helpful for relieving skin conditions.

Peppermint Leaf: Digestive herb. Calming properties. Helps sooth coughs.

PassionFlower: One of the best herbal tranquilizers. Relieves muscle tension, helpful for muscle spasms. Calming properties.

Mullein Leaf: Expectorant ,soothes irritated bronchial passages. Helps relieve gastrointestinal stress.

Devils Claw: Used as an anti-inflammatory and a painkiller for arthritis. Promotes flexibility in joints. Do not use during pregnancy.