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                                                                           Time for Dinner

Whole Horse Regeneration: I have been treating my 13 year old Arab, Mister, with your "Whole Horse Regeneration" formula after my guy almost died from the pharmaceuticals prescribed by my vet for treatment of Cushings disease. The drugs had a drying affect on his system that caused three (3) severe cases of colic. The last one I almost put him down he was in such pain. I felt there had to be another solution and found out about the Chasteberry and treatment for mares in season to help their moods. New information was coming out on it's use for Cushings. I did try a couple of different combinations but when I got yours it has done the best to "balance" him out. He was urinating extensively and in really bad shape. Since I started with your whole horse regeneration product he is back to his old self. He has slowed down on the urinating and stopped the "muscle wasting" I was seeing. The drug treatment prescribed by my vet was $155.00 a month and he had three colic episodes which cost me close to $1,000.00 for treatment. Your product last me two months (feeding twice daily) and he has not been sick since. Mister and I couldn't be happier...Thanks also for all your helpful information on other herbs. They really can make the difference! Best Wishes, Janet Garrison.

Update from Janet: "I have been treating Mister with your "Whole Horse Regeneration" for many years now. Just wanted to update you on how he is doing at age 24. He may be a little sway back and pot bellied but I think he is beautiful. Thanks for your great product! "Janet Garrison"

I have fed 1 bag of Whole Horse Regeneration to a 26 year old mare with Cushings/Laminitis condition and she is doing better. We were almost to the point of thinking this mares's last days were going to be numbered, just because of the pain and the way she sat back just to get around. Since feeding the Whole Horse Regeneration, she is doing much better and getting around. J. Wise 

At the end of July I had an older mare (18+) get raging rampant diarrhea. She was off her feed, etc, which for her--the equine vacuum--was highly unusual. She lost a lot of weight. (She is doing fine now, though!) Anyway, after the diarrhea was cleared up, she just wasn't gaining any weight back, and she just wasn't eating too well, and she just wasn't thriving. I tried giving her the most premium hay I had... She was iffy about it. Her manure balled up nicely when I got some fresh FasTrack, but she just wasn't eating. Her teeth were fine for another year, per Dr. B, so that wasn't it. I had about half a container of the Whole Horse Regeneration that I was using on my other horse. I added that. Within three days I had a bright-eyed, bouncy, I'M-STARVING-GIVE-ME-MORE-HAY-NOW! mare who cleans up every tiny leaf! And she's nearly back up to weight and looks wonderful. Good job! Thanks, Therese!!! Candace

Custom Formula for Resperatory/Allergy problems during Pregnancy. Just wanted to let you know that Kahlua had a healthy palomino stud colt a week ago. Kahlua is doing fantastic and attribute alot of it to your custom formula you have made for her. We barely ever hear her cough, and we don't miss a dose of the formula. AGAIN thank you form the bottom of my heart. Dee Dee.

Arthritis-Laminitis Support and Glucosamine Nutri Plus: "Snickers is doing great-she seems to be feeling much better and her joints are not so "crackly"! We really love your product because she takes it so easily-it is pleasant to smell and when we mix it with oats she eats it right up-even licks the bowl! We had trouble getting her to take other products. "Carol Uraine"

"We're seeing a world of difference in our 21 year old ex-roper Quarter horse since starting him on Glucosamine and your Arthritis herbal formula. It has given him a whole new lease on life" Letty Hise from Glendale,Arizona.

"One of the best combinations of herbs formulated to aid in the relief of inflammation and pain associated with arthritis"-Dr.B.Biggers DVM.

Calming Formula: I purchased your calming formula last month, for the first time, not so much for it's calming properties as for our horse's stomach. He is a young horse and was going to a very important show where he would be away from home for 5 days - for the first time. I am a big believer in herbs over drugs, but had never used them in this way before. We were so impressed with how much clearer he seemed to be thinking. The subtle changes in his personality under saddle and in hand were very impressive. Needless to say, we had no troubles at the show with his behavior or his digestive system. When we returned home I decided to try it with my 6 yr. old "green" gelding. After 2 days, he too seemed to be "thinking" instead of reacting. He stopped shying, and breaking out in a nervous sweat when I would ask new things of him during our schooling sessions. My joy comes from the fact that we are now enjoying weekly trail rides...he's even crossing a busy road without batting an eye. He is like a 1200lb puppy dog now. Thanks so much for your wonderful product! Sincerely, Becky Kozak

My horse has improved her disposition, she isn't so nervous and doesn't anticipate anymore! Your herbal combination is wonderful. I have tried other products, but they either seem to put my horse to sleep or she gets wilder. Thank you again for helping to get my sweet horse back to me! Barbara

I absolutely love your calming formula. This past summer we had one of our horses tear the ligament in his rear hock. After bringing him to the vet we were told he would have to be in a standing stall for six weeks and then in a regular stall for another six weeks. Without your calming formula he kicked the stall wall down. After the calming formula he was able to go the full 12 weeks and now he can walk again and hopefully soon ride again. Thank you, he wouldn't have made it without your formula. K.Healy

Laminitis Support Thanks for everything. The 29 year old donkey went from lame to running away from me again. Your Laminitis Support and Whole Horse Regeneration Remedies work Great! From bloody hoofs to only one spot left. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Sincerely, Hanna

Allergy Respiratory Formula: Just started using Allergy Respiratory Formula and it is the first thing that has helped my mare. Linda and Mandy

Wanted to let you know that after 4 days of being on the Allergy mix for the Gnat (no-see-ums) allergy, my horse Angel showed a big improvement. After a Week on the mix her chest, where she had been rubbing looked like it was healed and the hair has started growing back ! I have been amazed at the improvement. Thank You so much for your time spent talking to me about her problem. C. Lynne Dyson