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     Support your horses health needs with our herbal remedies.
         Herbs for horses, and horse supplements since 1999 
          Safe, Effective, Premium Herbs For Horses.                                                                                       

Aromatic and Palatable herbs. Most horses will readily eat our herbal mixtures!  
    Our herbs are hand mixed. Insuring quality and freshness
for your horses herbs.
                 We use traditional herbs in our herbal formulas.

                                         Likes Fresh Yarrow Herb
Herbal Remedies for horses with arthritis, laminitis, joint and inflammation issues, cushings, metabolic syndrome, moody mares, allergies, respiratory, calming and digestion disorders. Herbs have been used for centuries for equine health problems.

Whole Horse Regeneration: "Just wanted to let you know I'm so happy with the Whole Horse Regeneration I purchased! My horse is 20 years old and has suffered many different ailments over the years. I decided to ignore my vet on some things and take matters into my own hands and I'm glad I did. My horse acts so much younger and looks healthier.
Thanks for your natural ways!"  R. Wolk

Joint Care Plus: "Magic is a 24 year old Thoroughbred, who has done dressage, jumping, eventing, western events, and currently gives riding lessons to individuals with special needs. He has extremely limited joint fluid in both hocks and right front fetlock. He continues to be sound on Joint Care Plus. The best thing about it for him is the fact that he has no trouble eating his grain when his herbs are added, he is a very finicky eater."   J. Leek

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